What To Get Your Amateur Gourmet Boyfriend For His Birthday

11 January 2017
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If you're lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is really into cooking, then a cool kitchen appliance would be the perfect gift. This will be something he can use to make all of those fancy dishes he reads about in foodie blogs, and sees on television. So, if your guy is a big fan of Massimo Bottura, Thomas Keller, of even Gordon Ramsay, then you should help him realize his passion with a really excellent kitchen appliance. Here's some suggestions.

Food Processor

These are basic kitchen appliances, but they are also essential. If he doesn't own one, then this is a must-get gift. It makes meal prep so much faster and easier. Whether he uses it to make a mirepoix, or a tomato base for gazpacho, or falafel mixture, it will help him out. Also, if he has started to get into baking, and wants to make delicate pate brisee or pate sucree for pies, tarts, or quiches, then this is an indispensable appliance. The machine is vastly superior at cutting in fat (butter, lard) with flour and giving you a flaky crust.

Immersion Blender

These are used when you want to blend up a soup while it's in the pot. They can also be refereed to as stick blenders, because they are long, hand-held devices that you stick into the pot. These make pureeing and blending a cinch. Instead of taking a pot of soup, carrying it over to a blender, pouring the boiling soup in, then blending it up, you can just stick the handheld blender in and you can blend the soup to the consistency you want. It's much cleaner than dealing with transferring the hot soup to a secondary container for blending and then having to move it back to the main pot. You won't have to worry about cleaning a separate blender, or sponge up any spilt liquid.

Sous Vide Machine

If you're not into cooking, then the idea of sealing food in plastic bags and boiling them might seem crude. However, it is one of the most respected cooking techniques in high end kitchens. In fact, Henry Blumenthal (one of the greatest living chef's in the world) has said it is a revolution in cooking and uses it extensively in his Michelin-starred The Fat Duck restaurant. The process preserves the juices of the food (be it chicken, liver, or vegetables) so you get a more intense flavor. If your guy is really into experimenting and trying new cutting edge recipes, then this is a perfect gift.

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