Things To Know About A Problematic Ice Machine

22 November 2016
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Are you ready to get rid of your problematic ice machine? Before moving forward with tossing the ice machine out, you might want to pinpoint the problem in case a simply repair can be done. In some cases, the only type of repair that will be necessary is to replace a damaged part. Take a look at this article for some of the questions that should be asked before you get rid of your ice machine.

Do You Hear Unusual Noises?

If you are suddenly hearing unusual noises from your ice machine, it points to a gear motor problem. There are a few things that can go wrong with the gear motor. For instance, it is possible that the motor is simply in need of being lubricated, which a contractor can do on your behalf. Cleaning the motor can get rid of the unusual noises in some cases as well. It is possible that dirt and debris is trapped inside of the motor and interfering with how it operates. In the worst case scenario, you will simply have to replace the motor altogether.

Are You Unable to Obtain Ice?

When you are having problems with obtaining ice from the machine, it is possible that there are loose connections. There is also a part inside of the gear motor that is called the thermal protector that can interfere with ice production if the machine overheats. All you have to do is cool off the machine if the thermal protector is the root cause of the problem, but the part might need to be repaired if it is defective. Another part on an ice machine is called a door switch, which might need to be repaired if it is not making contact with the actuating plate. The reason why is because the two parts work together so the machine will know to dispense ice.

Does the Ice Machine Not Come On?

If your ice machine has stopping coming on, it does not mean that it is completely broken. The first thing that you should do is make sure there isn't a tripped circuit breaker in your house. The power outlet that the ice machine is plugged into might also be the problem, such as if there are faulty wires present. Try plugging the machine into a different outlet to find out if it will work. If the ice machine is old, it is likely worn out and need to be replaced. Contact a company like Taylor Freezer Sales Of Arizona to purchase a new one.