Considering New Restaurant Kitchen Appliances

3 October 2017
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Kitchen equipment can be one of the major investments that you'll make as a new restaurateur. The right choices can keep your place running and selecting the wrong pieces could cause delays in customer service, accidents and inconveniences in the kitchen for your staff. Instead of purchasing appliances right away, first do the following.

Measure Kitchen

One obstacle to acquiring the proper appliances is ensuring the pieces you purchases will fit harmoniously together in the kitchen. For instance, a new stove could be necessary, but if you simply don't have the room, you'll need to re-evaluate either the stove or the other equipment you're thinking of buying.

This issue could be dealt with if you simply measure the kitchen and each appliance you want to purchase. Having measurements permits you to avoid pieces that are too large or don't suit the area where you want to put them. That way, the equipment you ultimately buy won't prove to be obstacles for busy kitchen workers.

Locate Parts Suppliers

Sooner or later, even new appliances will need replacement parts and repairs. Not being able to use appliances could put you in a tricky position because your staff needs to keep serving customers while repairs are happening. You may have a few of the same appliance around for just this occasion, but you've got to ensure that broken appliances don't interfere with restaurant work for long. Even if you use a spare, you can't afford to have broken appliances littering the kitchen and the storeroom. For that reason, contact information for nearby appliance part suppliers is essential. Your staff can get the required parts without interruption as far as the customers are concerned, while making sure everything in the kitchen is generally functional.

Research Warranties

Knowing what the manufacturer and retailer are willing to offer in the way of a useful warranty is important. Before purchasing, discover whether both of those entities provide protection and for how long. You may find that you choose one appliance over another because of warranty coverage

Consider Used Appliances

Previously-owned equipment can still be new to you. Used and refurbished appliances are discounted and therefore more affordable than some brand new pieces. However, before agreeing to buy anything, ensure that a warranty is still outstanding so you're protected if an appliance breaks down.

New appliances in your restaurant enable it to serve customers and make money. When the above considerations are kept at the forefront of your appliance-related thoughts, your pieces and parts can work well.